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I believe that the Ruger Vaquero and New Vaquero are the toughest revolvers for Cowboy Action Shooting currently on the market.  Because of this, I try to have these always  in stock.  Please contact me for details.



I can order Uberti 1873 and 1866 rifles from several different suppliers (Taylor's, Davidson's and Cimarron).  You will find that my prices are very competitive.  Please email me for more details.  

I also have a limited supply of Winchester (Miroku) Imported by Navy Arms and finished by Turnbull.  These are available in 357 Mag/38Spl 



Call or email for availability for SxS, 97 and 87 shotguns.  I try to have some of each in stock.

Barleycorn Outfitters


Barleycorn Outfitters is a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer.  I am an authorized dealer for EMF (Early and Modern Firearms), Cimarron, Davidson's and Zander's.

My FFL is registered with CA DOJ.

PA Residents Subject to PA Sales Tax

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